ApexDC++ 1.0.1 - Final

3/10/2008 at 3/10/2008

ApexDC++ (formerly PeerWeb DC++) is an innovative Direct Connect client based on StrongDC++ modification. ApexDC++ is actively developed and provides a user-friendly interface, unique features, unlimited customisation and a dedicated support team. It has numerous features such as the PeerGuardian blocklist manager, customisation, themes, super seeding, a friendly GUI and more.

ApexDC++ is, and always will be, free from all forms of malware. The project is managed and developed by veterans of the P2P scene and as such we feel we are in touch with the opinions, wishes and requirements of our users.
ApexDC++ allows you to send graphical emoticons to users. You can install multiple emoticon packs at once from our customisation page!

Changes in ApexDC++ 1.0.1:
- Merge: StrongDC++ 2.12 (stable)
- Fixed: Partial file sharing for completed files (no longer shares chunks after completion)
- Feature: Plugin API (view documentation)
- Change: A few minor fixes and improvements
- Change: Code cleanup for stable release
- Installer: Automatically installs gdiplus.dll depentency for pre-XP users
- Installer: Upgraded to NSIS 2.35

Homepage - http://www.apexdc.net

Size: 5.68 MB