Acronis True Image Echo 9.5 Build 8072 Workstation for Windows

3/18/2008 at 3/18/2008

Acronis® True Image Echo Workstation - A professional system backup and disaster recovery application for office desktops and laptops. An ideal solution for backup and disaster recovery of the entire office network or a local computer, Acronis® True Image Echo Workstation gives you many options, including the ability to backup an entire system or individual files or folders; perform a disaster recovery backup or restore files, folders, or an entire disk from an image; manage backup/restore tasks remotely; restore the system to dissimilar hardware; and much more.

Acronis True Image Echo Workstation creates an exact disk image of your office desktop and allows you to backup key data files and folders. You can run backup jobs on multiple machines simultaneously on both 64-bit Windows and 32-bit Windows systems with the centralized remote management capabilities.

After a system crash, Acronis True Image Echo Workstation allows you to perform a full system restore, a bare-metal restore to different hardware or to a virtual machine or just a restore of individual files and folders in minutes.

Product Components:
• Acronis® True Image Local Versions. Backup and recover a local system.
• Acronis® True Image Windows Agent. Run backup and recovery tasks on remote Windows workstations in your network.
• Acronis® Management Console. Deploy product to remote machines and manage backup tasks remotely.
• Acronis® Backup Server. Ensure optimal usage of storage resources by allowing IT administrators to establish backup policies.
• Acronis® Group Server. Ease administration by viewing the status of all systems in the network.

Features and Benefits:
- Restore the entire desktop in minutes after any unforeseen event
- Acronis Universal Restore — restore to different hardware or to a virtual machine (note: requires separate add-on license)
- Restore individual data files and folders
- Centralized remote operations are even more convenient with the new Acronis Management Console
- Boot from an image, using Acronis® Active Restore (a patent pending technology) — decrease downtime by allowing systems to be used during a recovery
- Acronis Secure Zone® — the Acronis unique hidden backup location on a hard drive for mobile users
- New! Discovery Features — Import and export computers through txt/csv files
- New! Backup image encryption
- New! Improved Scheduling
- New! Dual-Destination Backups — Back up images to both the Acronis Secure Zone® and to a remote backup location

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