Webyog SQLyog 6.50 Enterprise Edition

4/02/2008 at 4/02/2008

Webyog SQLyog 6 with HTTP/ HTTPS/ SSH Tunneling is a easy to use, compact and very fast graphical tool to manage your MySQL database anywhere in the world. SQLyog was developed keep in mind the necessities of all who use MySQL as their preferred RDBMS. Whether you enjoy the control of handwritten SQL or prefer to work in a visual environment, SQLyog makes it easy for you get started and provides you with tools to enhance your MySQL experience.

Enhanced Connectivity Options:
- HTTP/HTTPs Tunneling
- SSH Tunneling

Migration Tools:
- Wizard Driven Migration Toolkit
- Import task can be scheduled for transferring data at regular intervals

Synchronization Tools:
- Structure Synchronization
- Checksum based Network Efficient Data Synchronization
- Data Synchronization can be scheduled

Other Power Tools:
- Scheduled Backups
- Notification Services
- Job Manager

Developer / User Productivity:
- HTML Schema Documentation
- Shortcuts to quickly generate SQL statements and paste object names
- Learn MySQL by looking at the SQL generated by SQLyog
- Multi-tab Query Editor and Result-set editor
- Multiple Query Execution
- Multi-threaded Query execution with option to stop long running queries
- SQL Templates
Excel-style grid interface to view/update resultsets
- Multi-format Blob editor
- View data in Grid/Text Mode
- ResultSet/Data Export to CSV/XML/HTML
- Full Support from 3.23.38 to the latest 5.x
- Support for all MySQL table handlers
- Excel friendly resultsets/table-data export to clipboard/file
- Dialogless table and resultset editor

DBA Productivity:
- Restoring / Importing large SQL dumps
- MySQL 5.x objects support
- User Management
- Managing hosted MySQL
- Connection Manager
- Index Management
- Relationship/Foreign Key Manager
- Reorder Columns
- Copy objects to another Host with single click
- Table diagnostics
- Flush Tools
- Object Browser
- Creating/dropping database
- Optimized for managing Hosted MySQL
- Profiling
- Multiple database connections

- Turbo Speed MySQL Management. Uses native MySQL C API - the fastest way to communicate with MySQL server
- 100% keyboard friendly
- Small compact binary
- Minimal use of Registry - easy migration of User Preferences by dragging and dropping config files.
- Non-cluttered look and feel, ability to show/hide panes

Features of SQLyog version 6.0:
* SQLyog is now fully UNICODE-compliant.
* Advanced GUI Query Builder.
* Filtering of data from the context menu of a cell in the GRID of DATA tab.
* Sorting on multiple columns in DATA tab

Changes in SQLyog 6.50:
* Export and copy dialogues were re-designed. Individual Stored Procedures, Views etc. can now be selected.
* Added a ZOOM option for a Schema Designer LAYOUT. The ZOOM setting is stored in the LAYOUT itself. Note: Zooming is possible using Ctrl+mouse scroll button (may not be functional on Laptop touchpads and other non-mouse pointing devices).
* A Schema Designer LAYOUT can now be saved as graphics (currently .bmp format is supported).
* A Schema Designer LAYOUT can now be printed. For saving graphics from Schema Designer to formats not supported consider printing to a 'virtual printer'. Such software exist with support for .pdf, .xps, .png and more. There is a preview option to see how the print will split into more pages (using the settings of current default printer).
* Transactions are now supported for copy operations (but of course the Storage Engine must support too!). This is configurable from 'preferences'. Data Sync and Migration will use transactions if ENGINE supports it.
* Query Builder can now use a VIEW for generating queries.
* Transactions are now supported for copy operations (but of course the Storage Engine must support too!). This is configurable from 'preferences'. Data Sync and Migration will use transactions if ENGINE supports it.
* Copy operations can use BULK inserts (optionally). This can increase speed of those operation up to ~10 times. Migration and Data Sync will now also use BULK inserts if is empty.
* Full support for MySQL EVENTS (in GUI, exports, copy, structure sync) with MySQL >= 5.1.
* Added an option to export 'all databases' and 'all user data' with 'scheduled backup'. Note the difference: 1st option will export `mysql` database - 2nd will not. None of them will export Information_Schema (it cannot be restored as I_S is a readonly database). However you can select I_S individually for export.
* Support for alias in autocomplete. This is in continued development. Currently table alias's are supported (not column alias'es).
* Tables are now organized in a folder in the Object Browser.
* OBJECTS tab now populate with data for the connection/server, VIEWs and 'stored programs'.
* With SSH tunnel reconnection is now functional for the complete connection chain: SQLyog PLINK SSHD MySQL.
* For HTTP-tunnel added an option to specify 'urlencode' HTTP header format on a per-connection basis (default is 'text/xml' header format). Using this option can be required if Apache 'mod_security' (as well as some largely undocumented filters and 'hacks') is enabled.
* Context help added. Every dialogue of the program has been associated with a page in the help file (CHM), that will open when pressing F1.
* MESSAGES tab will now report warnings for queries executed from the SQL editor.
* Lots of small requests and issues fixed.

* Note that the SJA jobfile format has needed to be changed/expanded due to some of the changes above. The GUI wizards will generate a version string like 'version="6.5"' in the job tag . But old (version="4.2") format can still be executed. If there is no version string in the job tag (as was the case up to 4.1), 'version="4.2"' will be assumed implicitly.
* Note that for copy operations reconnect will be disabled if you use transactions. This is required for data security. If a reconnect took place when still non-committed statements had been executed they would not be committed ever (because with a new connection the transaction log for the old connection is not available) and user would not be aware of this. For Data Sync and Migration transactions are always enabled if ENGINE supports it, because this does not result in any conflict as SJA does not reconnect automatically'

Bug fixes:
* Opening a .schemaxml file (to Schema Designer) failed if path contained unicode characters (save not affected and no other save/open operations of the program either).
* It could occur that a connection thread started for the purpose of export did not correctly use the same connection parameters as the 'parent thread'. That might result in a 'Error 0' (actually this includes two different fixes).

Homepage - http://www.webyog.com

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