MediaMonkey RC4

12/11/2007 at 12/11/2007

MediaMonkey is a music manager and media jukebox for serious music collectors and iPod users. It catalogs your CDs, OGG, WMA, MPC, FLAC, APE, WAV and MP3 audio files. It looks up missing Album Art and track information via Freedb and the web, and includes an intelligent tag editor and an automated file and directory renamer to organize your music library. It includes a CD ripper, CD/DVD Burner, and audio converter for saving music, and manual or automated playlist editors for creating music mixes. Its player automatically adjusts volume levels so that you don't have continually fiddle with the volume control and supports hundreds of Winamp plug-ins and visualizations; or if you prefer, it can use Winamp as the default player.It also includes portable audio device synchronization that allows you to synch tracks and play lists with devices such as the iPod and other portable audio devices.

Standard FEATURES:
- Organize music and edit tags in your audio library with a powerful, intuitive interface
- Automatically lookup and tag Album Art and other metadata
- Manage 50,000+ files in your music collection without bogging down
- Play MP3s and other audio formats, and never again worry about varying volume
- Record CDs into OGG, MP3, FLAC and WMA files
- Convert MP3s, OGG, FLAC and WMA files into other formats with the Audio Converter
- Create playlists and music mixes quickly and easily to suit any occasion
- Synchronize with iPods / MP3 players effortlessly and convert tracks on-the-fly
Plus much more...

- Find music with advanced search functionality that digs through your collection to find tracks according to almost any criteria that you can think of. Search for Composer, Year, Beats per minute; find Lyrics, etc. and stop pulling your hair out trying to find music you know you have.
- Customize your library by setting filters to display only Artists or Albums that match criteria that you set. For example, set a filter that causes Artists to appear in the tree only if they contain Albums that are currently available, and are of any genre other than 'Children'.
- Encode unlimited MP3s without having to manually install a new MP3 encoder (the free version of MediaMonkey includes a time-limited LAME MP3 encoder. If you're so inclined, you can manually replace it with the free LAME encoder, or you can just upgrade to MediaMonkey Gold).
- Catalog your physical CDs and use the Virtual CD feature to keep track of what CDs you own and at the same time see which subset of tracks from those CDs are copied to your hard drive. Instead of tracking your CDs and tracks separately, the virtual CD function gives you an integrated view..
- Import and save audio tracks from Audio CDs and MP3 CDs with unprecedented flexibility using the Virtual CD. It allows you to sample tracks from various sources, select which ones you want to import, and then import and save the files in a single operation.
- Create Previews, short samples of audio tracks, that you can use when trying to decide which audio files you want to add to your collection.
- Use a Sleep Timer to play your music, gradually fade it over a set period of time, and then turn off your PC -- perfect for listening to tunes before you go to sleep.
- Burn CDs at the maximum speed permitted by your hardware.

All MediaMonkey Gold Features:
- Audio / Music Manager
- Media Player (play MP3, OGG, WMA etc.)
- Equalizer / DSP Effects / Volume Leveler
- Party Mode & Auto-DJ
- CD Ripper: Encode MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC
- Audio Converter
- Auto Renamer / File Organizer
- Auto Tag Editor with Album Art Lookup
- Find Duplicate Tracks and Missing Tags
- Playlist Manager (auto music mixes)
- Generate reports and statistics
- Customization via scripts
- iPod and MP3 Player Synchronization
- Integrated CD/DVD Burner (Audio & Data) (up to 48x) (up to 4x)
- File Monitor (automatically updates library)
- Advanced Searches and AutoPlaylists
- Advanced Portable Device Synchronization with on-the-fly format conversion
- Unlimited MP3 encoding
- Virtual CD / Previews
- Advanced Filters
- Sleep Timer

Changes in version 3.0:
2704 Added Vista compatibility for CD playback
2754 Added new themeable player (via msz files)
2389 Added adjustable font sizes in Themes (for Media PC themes)
2583 Added new status bar framework which conserves space
2360 Added new client-side framework for easy installation of scripts (via mmip files)
2399 Added lightweight db (sqlite) for improved performance and reliability
0848 Added ability to display all fields in the Tracklist
1856 Added podcast reader (configurable directories and podcasts)
2253 Added My Documents in the Locations node (needs more work for Vista)
1313 Added iTunes style browser
2699 Added in-tracklist editing of ratings
2524 Added Send-to email
2366 Added the ability to add new folders via Drag and Drop
1273 Added ability to sort the Now Playing list
1273 Added undo capability for changes to the Now Playing list
1988 Added Files to Edit > Unlevelled tracks
2623 Added track selection via spacebar to better comply with accessibility requirements
0104 Added ability to see which playlists a track belongs to
1797 Added empty winamp.exe file to install directory to facilitate winamp plugin installs
2614 Added themeable text to better highlight Burn Wizard warnings
1445 Added ability to burn audio across multiple Audio CDs
2373 Added auto-conversion for CD Burning (e.g. convert Flac on the fly for an MP3 CD)
2242 Added optional warnings to appear in burn wizard when when burn path > 64 characters
2416 Added delete original files option to burn data disc wizard (for archival purposes)
2374 Added 'cache files from network' option for safer burning of non-local files
2521 Added ability to delete tracks in audio cd burn wizard
2173 Added unicode support for disc burning
2072 Added verify disc function for burning
2371 Added much faster audio CD burning via on-the-fly track preparation and larger buffer
1746 Added warning to prevent scanning of a directory containing the Virtual CD
2772 Added option to add tracks to the library on conversion
0097 Added automated volume analysis (optional)
1330 Added Album Gain support
0849 Added ability to edit volume leveling values
2659 Added Micro-Monkey player upon minizing to Tray (currently 'MediaMonkey Desk Player')
0351 Added configurable hotkeys with Global hotkey support
2476 Added remember last node when closing
2505 Added hibernate and sleep options to Sleep function
2180 Added auto-generation of debug logs if MM crashes
1448 Added AAC playback (requires Quicktime)
0117 Added native crossfade support
2545 Added silence removal
2678 Added playback position is bookmarked based on Genre
1380 Added advanced search for 'unknown' fields
2645 Added advanced search for last synched date
1987 Added advanced search for contained in playlist
2335 Added logical operators for quicksearch (' '=AND, ""=exact, ';'=OR)
0096 Added basic logical operators for advanced search ('Any'/'All)
1449 Added AAC tagging
1545 Added improved support for classical music (help file to be updated)
1633 Added global album art configuration settings / improved album art management
1633 Added support for saving Album Art as folder.jpg globally
2667 Added Album Art tagging in FLAC files
2750 Added replay gain support for WMA tags (previously only in DB)
2730 Added Album Art tagging in OGG files
2773 Added linked Album Art locations to FLAC tags
0956 Added WM9 encoding (lossless, Pro, speeach, VBR, CBR-2 Pass, etc)
2605 Added multiple genres support to ID3 tags
2440 Added Send-to My Documents
2147 Added ability to import ratings from jRiver
2655 Added synch support for iPod Gapless mode
2231 Added auto-synch should display number of tracks being deleted
1949 Added synchronization gives more control over auto-generated playlists
2107 Added synchronization config allows user to define formats supported on a device
0714 Added support for multiple Genres, Artists, Albums, CDs
1796 Improved database is stored to Application data instead of My Music
1627 Improved associated file types are not set to 'MediaMonkey file'
2490 Improved burn priority set to High for on-the-fly, and uses default thread priority otherwise
2378 Improved default burn data disk format masks
2212 Improved CD-text usability in the Audio CD wizard
1132 Improved configuration in volume leveling screen (needs more work)
0519 Improved Tooltips behaviour (needs more work)
2731 Improved layout and icons
1807 Improved Auto-tag from Amazon to better display changed tags
2415 Improved Auto-organize with addition masks
2664 Updated to LAME 3.97
2737 Updated FLAC to 1.1.3
2694 Updated Microsoft Windows Media components
2506 Fixed MediaMonkey doesn't work well in multi-monitor environments
2377 Fixed Window Positions not persisted when application is closed
2685 Fixed settings don't persist if application is abnormally terminated
1437 Fixed switching from Winamp back to MM player should trigger Now Playing list to appear
2572 Fixed odbc errors when searching using Chinese characters
2715 Fixed scanning status bar shows track prior to the one actually being scanned
2760 Fixed MediaMonkey can add duplicate entries when a drive is switched from IDE to USB
2643 Fixed MediaMonkey isn't correctly associated with tracks in some environments
2672 Fixed config settings can sometimes be saved to C:\My Music
2695 Fixed file lengths reported incorrectly when headers are incorrect (e.g. MusicMatch rips)
2593 Fixed Audio CD is closed even if 'Allow further writing' is enabled
2575 Fixed if burner/disk fails to initialize, no error message is given
2560 Fixed progress bar shows 'Burning .m3u file' when burning a Single Data file
2550 Fixed non-Gold user cannot click burn if CD/DVD isn't inserted
2549 Fixed Send-to disk has CD/DVD as an available option
0210 Fixed Drag and Drop / Cut & Paste disabled for virtual CD
2460 Removed Virtual CD queue (playlists serve the same function)
2786 Fixed newly added/converted tracks fail to trigger a refresh of the current view
2751 Fixed leveling RVA2 ID3 tags written incorrectly
2692 Fixed leveling RVA2 ID3 tags from Foobar not read correctly
1421 Fixed tracklist scrolls horizontally unnecessarily in some cases
2280 Fixed focus shifts when tracks are added/removed from the view
0266 Fixed Location/Network node shouldn't appear unless tracks are contained within
2526 Fixed wheelmouse works backwards if configured to scroll page at a time
2512 Fixed tray 'restore' function when MM is in foreground causes 'Now Playing' to become hidden
0946 Fixed clicking a Tree shortcut sometimes cause node to display at the bottom of the window
0700 Fixed should trigger permanent deletion without prompting for choice of method
0021 Fixed empty tree nodes should not have a '+'
0945 Fixed Now Playing transparency stops working after MediaMonkey is restored
1127 Fixed Now Playing transparency blocks confirmation dialogs
0905 Fixed Now Playing doesn't always show the upcoming track
2767 Fixed folder selection dialog can trigger AV, and is slow
2489 Fixed usability issues in folder selection dialog
2548 Fixed invalid MPP files can trigger an access violation
2815 Fixed track never ends after switching back from party mode/full screen
2680 Fixed playcount algorithm should only mark tracks as played when fully played
2726 Fixed playcounts are increased when tracks are paused
2718 Fixed MP3 input plugin introduces slight gaps
1670 Fixed editing tag of currently playing track can lead to 5-10 seconds of repetition
2711 Fixed player timer is stuck at zero if set to count down on a radio stream
0124 Fixed changes in equalizer setting during playback cause audio artifacts
2632 Fixed misc issues with MediaMonkey / Winamp integration
2452 Fixed Auto-DJ performance issues
2674 Fixed copy & paste of autoplaylists doesn't always work
1966 Fixed duplicate detection doesn't give any feedback if no duplicates are detected
2738 Fixed faulty tags in some wave tracks cause them to always remain in unsynchronized tags
2778 Fixed wave tags written by EAsy CD-DA extractor cannot be modified
1765 Fixed auto-tag from Amazon generates incorrect artist info for Various Artist CDs
2165 Fixed My Computer node infers properties of tracks that are already in the DB
2241 Fixed multiple Album Art windows can open for a single file and retain focus incorrectly
2696 Fixed File Monitor adds tracks in 8.3 format on FAT filesystems
2687 Fixed volume leveling information isn't read from LAME info tag
2434 Fixed Volume leveling peak info not stored to MPC tags
2621 Fixed auto-organize tries to organize all checked files even when no change is required
2631 Fixed corrupted MP3 tags are read very slowly
2499 Fixed tagging of tracks in tagging queue can cause damaged Album art
2386 Fixed Auto-organize of large number of tracks leads to an apparent UI freeze
2582 Fixed wording of auto-increment script
2646 Fixed scripting bug: SDB.UI.NewEdit.ControlName = SDB.UI.NewEdit.Text
2782 Fixed MTP synchronization: wmdm driver doesn't delete empty directories
2781 Fixed MTP synchronization: wmdm driver doesn't synch album art from My Computer node
2276 Fixed synchronization: iRiver H Series inaccurately named

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