DVDSubEdit 1.4

11/08/2007 at 11/08/2007

DVDSubEdit is a tool that allows you edit DVD subtitle. DVDSubEdit allows you to visualize and make modifications to the subpics (subtitles or button highlights in menus) directly inside the VOB files, without the need to demux and remux the subpic stream.

DVDSubEdit has the following features:
- DVDSubEdit works with vob files or sup files (created for example by PgcDemux, or VobEdit) and does not require any demuxing/remuxing (it works directly inside the VOB files, and processing is quasi instantaneous).
- DVDSubEdit allows you to reposition your subtitles exactly where you want them, horizontally or vertically, for all display modes (4:3, widescreen, letterboxed, pan&scan).
- DVDSubEdit lets you change the transparency and the color of each subtitle, or hide them entirely.
- DVDSubEdit allows you to resynchronize your subtitles with your video, by changing the start time and the duration.
- DVDSubEdit can run an OCR (optical character recognition) algorithm on your subtitles, so you can search them, modify them and export them as .srt.
- DVDSubEdit allows you to remove annoying parts in your subtitles (for example, text intended for hearing-impaired persons). You can also selectively remove typos in the subtitles, all this without re-authoring!
- DVDSubEdit saves your changes directly inside the vob files (which is very quick), and also lets you export your subs to .sup and .srt format. You can also save individual subs as ppm.

Changes in DVDSubEdit 1.4:
* New export/import bitmap function: You can save the current subpic as a bitmap, (either 4-bit, or 24-bit). The subpic is saved ignoring transparencies, using the current CLUT.
* The bitmap size is the size of the video, and the subpic bitmap is placed as it would appear on a video display. You can also import a bitmap into the current subpic. This will only work if there's enough room in the subpic packs to accomodate the encoded bitmap.
There is also a shortcut that saves the current subpic as a bitmap, opens your favorite bitmap editing tool, lets you edit it, then re-import it back into the subpic.
These functions make it possible to apply small changes to a subtitle, add things here and there, without the need to demux/remux the entire VOB files. This is a HUGE time saver.
Be sure to read the doc (which has been updated) for details on this powerful new function.
* Changed the CLUT selection to a drop down with only 2 choices: The normal IFO CLUT, or the automatic CLUT (which attribute colors based on which pixel is used for text, background, outine and antialias). The old "Auto CLUT" wasn't useful at all.
* Clicking on a pixel type (such as "b" "p" "e1" or "e2") in the CLUT area temporarily shows that pixel with full opacity, hiding all other pixel types. This is very convenient to quickly see what pixel is used for the body of characters, for the background, etc.
* Added a slider to visualize any I-Frame within the duration of the subpic.
* Added a "Add Fade-in" function to add a fade to a subtitle. The fade-in lasts 1/8 of the total duration of the subtitle, and reaches the transparencies used in the original.
* Added a "Remove Fade-in" function to remove fade-ins.
* Added option in the preferences for the x-y crop borders.
* Added option in preferences to control how much larger the background rectangle is relative to the size of the subpic itself, when the "Crop Background" command is used.
* Added option in ini file to force vertical moves by even numbers of pixels. This is only useful for certain buggy players.
* Added rudimentary command line support: DVDSubEdit.exe FileName.VOB opens the single file FileName. Add -F to open the full domain.
* Added right-click context menu to command display area to save the subpic info for all selected subpics as a text file. This will allow complex searches in a text editor if desired.
* The zoom window can now show the subpic at a 1x or 2x magnification factor.
* The "apply to all" data is no longer reset after performing an "apply to all" operation. This will allow you to apply a set of modifications to all subpics in one stream, then again in another stream etc.
* If you attempt to change the duration of a subpic that has an infinite duration (no STP_DSP stop display command),

Homepage - http://www.videohelp.com/~DVDSubEdit

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